ASISTA Statement on April 22nd Executive Order

Date: April 23, 2020

Media Contact: Ahlam Moussa, ASISTA,

ASISTA denounces President Trump’s new executive order temporarily limiting entry for individuals outside the US seeking permanent residency, as it only serves to sow hatred and create division. It needlessly separates families, including certain family members of survivors

The United States is in the middle of a global public health crisis, which has affected over 800,000 individuals and caused over 44,000 deaths nationwide. Instead of correcting its failures managing the COVID-19 pandemic, the Administration continues its familiar tactic of divide and distract by needlessly scapegoating immigrants. 

This order comes as the Administration continues to put asylum seekers lives at risk at the border, continues to risk lives by sustaining its enforcement and detention activities, and continues to cause hardship for immigrants who are filing for immigration relief. 

 ASISTA is proud to stand with the millions of immigrants on the front lines working to protect this country during this unprecedented crisis. We call on the Administration and Congress to focus its efforts on combating the COVID-19 virus instead of xenophobic political plays serving only to create division and distraction.

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