T visas and Human Trafficking

T visas are an immigration benefit for victims of severe forms of human trafficking  This library contains information about T visa requirements, the law, policy, advocacy, practice pointers and more.

    T Visas Legislation and Statutes

    USCIS Policy Memorandum: Issuance of Revised Procedures Regarding Trafficking Victims for the Affirmative Asylum Procedures Manual (November 2013)  

    This November 26, 2013, USCIS policy memorandum from John Lafferty, Chief of the Asylum Division announces revised procedures for asylum office personnel regarding the handling and identification of trafficking victims to replace in the Affirmative Asylum Procedures Manual. 

    USCIS Policy Memorandum: William Wilberforce: Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008: Changes to T and U Nonimmigrant Status and Adjustment of Status Provisions; Revisions to Adjudicator's Field Manual (AFM) (July 2010)

    This July 21, 2010, USCIS policy memorandum informs immigration officers who adjudicate petitions for T and U nonimmigrant status and related applications for adjustments of status about new legislation affecting the T and U nonimmigrant programs. Chapter 23.5 and 39 (AFM Updated AD10-38) 

    William Wilberforce: Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act 2008

    This is an excerpt from the Wilberforce trafficking victims protection reauthorization act detailing extensions and exceptions for victims and U and T visa holders.

    USCIS Policy Memorandum: Extension of Status for U and T Nonimmigrants (Corrected and Reissued, October 4, 2016)

    This October 4, 2016, policy memorandum provides guidance about extension of status for T and U nonimmigrants, including any related I-485, application to adjust status. This PM rescind and replaces PM 602-0032.1. This PM revises chapters 39.1 and 39.2 of the Adjudicator's Field Manual. 

    Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Acts (TVPRA)

    VAWA 2013 and TVPRA: What Practitioners Need to Know

    The Violence Against Women Act of 2013 (VAWA 2013), combined with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPRA), was signed into law on March 7, 2013. This document provides an overview of substantive changes and technical fixes to both the VAWA and the TVPRA as well as practice pointers for attorneys and advocates on how to work with these new changes, prepared by ASISTA staff.

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    Resources for Attorneys & Advocates

    Department of State Trafficking in Person Report (July 2005)

    This report from July 2015, places a special emphasis on human trafficking in the global market. It highlights the hidden risks that workers may encounter when seeking employment and the steps that government and business can take to prevent trafficking, including a demand for transparency in global supply chains. 

    Human Trafficking Legal Access Center  

    This link provides resources and information for pro bono attorneys and for non-profit service providers working with survivors of human trafficking

    Freedom Network USA 

    Freedom Network USA engages with federal agencies and lawmakers to advance a human rights based approach to human trafficking. In this link you can find information about promoting polices that address the root causes of trafficking, guarantee the protection and rigths of trafficked persons, and encourage survivors leadership in efforts to combat human trafficking.  

    The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking 

    In ATEST, a U.S.-based coalition, you will find resources to advocate for solutions to prevent and end all forms of human trafficking and modern slavery around the world.

    DHS Blue Campaign

    Identifying Trafficking Victims: U.S. Customs and Border Protection screens for suspected human trafficking at our borders and points of entry.

    Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking Resources

    CAST is a go-to resource for media, policymakers and the philanthropic community to access information about modern slavery.

    Ivy Lee, Lynette Parker, and Cindy Liou's Handbook: Representing Survivors of Human Trafficking (2014)

    This handbook contains lessons learned and promising practice tips in the context of a team-based approach to serving human trafficking survivors.

    Resources for Advocates & Clients

    SB 1569 Factsheet (CAST)

    Expanded protections for human trafficking survivors: How to access benefits. 

    Presentación del USCIS de Cómo Navegar la Página Web en Español

    Esta presentación explica paso a paso como navegar el sitio web para ver el estatus de su caso.

    Cases in Removal Proceedings

    Suazo Perez v. Mukasey (January 2008)

    Petitioner argued that misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence assault in the fourth degree, under state law, was not crime of violence constituting aggravated felony under removal state. The Court of Appeals held that assault conviction was not categorically conviction for crime of violence, and that assault conviction was not crime of violence under modified category.

    Employment Issues

    U.S. Department of Labor: Human Trafficking, Training and Employment Guidance (October 24, 2012)

    The role of the Public Workforce System in the delivery of services and referrals to victims of human trafficking.