ASISTA Membership

Who is Eligible to Become a Member?


ASISTA Members are individuals, organizations, agencies, and firms that serve immigrant survivors of violence in a professional capacity and in a manner that is consistent with ASISTA’s mission. Applicants for a non-profit organizational membership must have 501(c)(3) IRS tax designation. Employees of the federal government and individuals who engage in the unauthorized practice of law are not eligible for membership. ASISTA retains the right to cancel a membership in its sole discretion at any time.

If you are a survivor or victim of crime, please consult the National Immigration Service Directory for a legal services provider near you.


ASISTA's Member Benefits Include:


    • Individual case questions, known as Technical Assistance (TA), on immigration benefits for survivors. From the basic to the complex, we can help with any VAWA, U or T visas question that comes up in the course of your work.
    • Individual case intervention (TA) with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and related agencies.
    • Free access to ASISTA live webinars and access to our prerecorded webinars and resources. Visit ASISTA webinar section to register for upcoming member webinars.
    • Discounted rates on ASISTA virtual/in-person beginners to advanced trainings. Visit ASISTA training section to register for virtual/in-person upcoming events.
    • Access to ASISTA practice advisories.
    • Access to our interactive ASISTA Experts listserv with practitioners nationwide who are working on VAWA, U and T visa cases.
    • Supporting ASISTA's work advancing protections and rights of immigrant survivors of crime.


To  be invited to the ASISTA listservs, please review and complete the ASISTA Listservs Application Form.

Individual Membership

  • 3L Law Students: Please email
  • Solo Practitioners: $367/yr

Non-Profit Membership*

  • Non-profit ONE staff only - Only for NPO w/annual budget under 250K: $207/yr
  • Non-profit with 0-3 attorneys: $311/yr
  • Non-profit with 4-10 attorneys: $492/yr
  • Non-profit with 11-20 attorneys: $823/yr
  • Non-profit with 21-35 attorneys: $1,061yr
  • Non-profit with 36-50 attorneys: $1,656/yr
  • Non-profit with 51-75 attorneys: $2,199/yr
  • Non-profit with 76+ attorneys: $2,743/yr
  • *May also include DOJ accredited representatives

Law Firm Membership

  • Law Firm with 2-5 attorneys: $673/yr
  • Law Firm with 6-10 attorneys: $1,009/yr
  • Law Firm with 11-15 attorneys: $1,708/yr
  • Law Firm with 16-20 attorneys: $1,967/yr
  • Law Firm with 21-35 attorneys: $3,297/yr
  • Law Firm with 36+ attorneys: $5,486/yr

Please note that effective June 29, 2024, membership fees include all credit card processing costs. There will be no separate charges when paying by credit card. If you choose to pay by check, you will receive a 3.5% discount (please contact to confirm the correct amount). Please mail checks to: ASISTA, PO Box 12, Suffield, CT 06078.

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