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KCBX Radio Interview with ASISTA Executive Director, Kirsten Rambo

By Ahlam Moussa | Jul 21, 2023

KCBX FM Central Coast Public Radio recently sat down with our Executive Director, Kirsten Rambo, to hear about ASISTA and her recent trip to the White House for the launch of the US’s first-ever National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence. Listen to the interview here. 

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Ankle monitors raise risks for U.S. abortion-seekers (

By Ahlam Moussa | Jul 25, 2022

In this article, ASISTA Executive Director Kirsten Rambo weighs in on women having the right to seek an abortion privately, without surveillance.

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It’s Time for a #MeToo Reckoning in Immigration (April 26, 2021)

By Maria Lazzarino | Apr 26, 2021

ASISTA Senior Policy Counsel Amy Cheung in Ms. More Than A Magazine, A Movement, weighting in the article “Abuse exists across many industries and institutions, and low-income people of color are particularly vulnerable. This is especially true in the context of immigration”. Read here the full article.

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WMC News & Features: Will Biden Create More Humane Immigration Policies? (April 9, 2021)

By Maria Lazzarino | Apr 16, 2021

Cruel immigration policies were a hallmark of the Trump presidency. From the “Muslim ban” in his earliest days in office to family separation, the Trump administration made over 1,000 immigration policy changes, creating a largely hostile and unwelcoming reception for refugees and asylum seekers fleeing danger and economic hardship and instilling fear in immigrants residing…

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Philadelphia Inquirer Article on the U Visa Backlog

By Ahlam Moussa | Feb 17, 2021

ASISTA’s own Amy Cheung weighing in on the heavy backlog with the U Visa program which Congress created to strengthen the ability of police agencies to investigate and prosecute violent crimes like domestic & sexual assault.   “Biden’s plan to raise the cap to 30,000 is a promising start but given the immense backlog, there is still more…

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El Diario de El Paso Article on the sexual assault of immigrant victims and harassment by guards at an ICE detention facility in El Paso.

By Ahlam Moussa | Aug 19, 2020

We stand with ASISTA member organization, Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, as they advocate for immigrant victims of sexual assault and harassment by guards at an ICE detention facility in El Paso. Laura Flores Bachman, Senior Legal Counsel with ASISTA, was quoted in this article about these heinous acts, “We believe sexual assaults in ICE facilities…

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Newsy Article on how USCIS is Rejecting Applications with Blank Spaces

By Ahlam Moussa | Aug 15, 2020

ASISTA Policy Director Cecelia Friedman Levin weighing in, “We’re calling for a way that when these sorts of policy changes occur, that people are informed [and that] any changes in these processes don’t impact due process”. See article here.

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WaPo Article on USCIS’ Harmful Policy of Rejecting Applications for Blank Fields

By Ahlam Moussa | Aug 7, 2020

ASISTA Policy Director Cecelia Friedman Levin weighs in on this harmful processing policy and how USCIS is egregiously limiting immigration relief for vulnerable applicants through needless red tape. See article here

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New Report by ASISTA and ILRC – In Harm’s Way: The Impact of President Trump’s Actions on Immigrant Survivors of Gender Based Violence

By Ahlam Moussa | Jun 3, 2020

Check out this report from ASISTA and Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) examining Trump’s harmful immigration policies and the impacts they are having on survivors of gender-based violence.

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