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"I am profoundly grateful to you for everything you have done to change the way immigrant survivors are treated." ~ Mary Day

"Your vision and on-the-ground diligence has been both an inspiration and gift to those practicing in the immigrant-survivor field. ~Jessica Farb

"Your effects on women and on this country - incalculable. The facists can't get rid of ALL of it, not for good, anyway, because people now know there is another way." ~Virginia Raymond

"I remember attending a training where you were speaking and thinking to myself, If everyone in this work is as passionate as Gail Pendleton, we can seriously change the system and I want to be a part of it and we have." ~ Susanna Saul

"Thousands of cases later, I want to tell you that you gave me, the self confidence, the push,  the courage, to be the advocate for survivors I am today."  ~ Sonia Parras Konrad

"Advocates and clients alike are empowered by your tenacity and compassion." ~ Marina Pineda-Kamariotis

"We recognize that we walk in your footsteps, and there are more of us now, because of the path you lit for us."~ Brigit Alvarez



“We have survived dire times and made great progress, progress that many people said was impossible. Our work at ASISTA is dedicated to fighting the toxic combination of racism and patriarchy; every project we do is designed to address these two pillars of oppression. Our approach focuses on building alliances and finding common ground with those who may seem very different from us. This work is slow, hard, and very uncomfortable, but this is how we save democracy. ~ Gail Pendleton

ASISTA is proud to announce the establishment of the Pendleton Social Justice Fund (PSJF) as a tribute to ASISTA Co-Founder Gail Pendleton, and her 40 year career of fierce advocacy for the human rights of immigrants and refugees.


Gifts to the fund will keep ASISTA's unique approach and leadership strong and will provide resources needed to allow for swift responses to harmful practices against immigrant survivors of domestic and sexual violence. 

Examples of the important work we are doing:

  • cultivating uncommon allies, such as law enforcement officers, gender-based violence coalitions, immigration lawyers, social workers, mental health professionals, and grassroots immigrant groups;
  • mobilizing these allies to change harmful laws and policies;
  • teaching and training lawyers and advocates how to stop survivor deportations through technical assistance, webinars, day-long seminars, and practice advisories on up-to-the-minute legal developments that impact immigrant survivors of violence; and
  • developing and supporting litigation campaigns to fight practices that encourage survivor deportations.

Our goal is $250,000, and we can get there with your help.  

Support the Pendleton Social Justice Fund with a gift!  Your support will help keep ASISTA strong and nimble, responding and adapting quickly to the changing political environment, and working to fulfill our mission to advance the dignity, rights, and liberty of immigrant survivors of violence.

For more on ASISTA's History, Work, and Priorities, click here.