Case Assistance (Also known as Technical Assistance/TA)

ASISTA's case assistance is individualized technical help for attorneys, DOJ accredited representatives and advocates. We help you answer complex issues and questions that arise in your VAWA, U, T visa cases as well as other relief for survivors of crime

What kinds of questions do you handle?

Our technical assistance focuses on questions that may arise for attorneys and advocates working on Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) self-petitions, U and T visa cases and other survivor-based forms of immigration relief (like domestic violence waivers for conditional residents, VAWA cancellation).  We help in complex matters involving inadmissibility, deportability, enforcement issues, and cases in Immigration Court.

Who is eligible for case assistance from ASISTA?

ASISTA provides individual case assistance for our own ASISTA members.

Note to OVW Grantees: Our OVW funds ran out in July 2020, therefore we are no longer able to provide individual technical assistance, training and grantee-only chats.  

We don't want to lose you, though! Please click here to access several options for continuing our relationship. We are offering a 10% discount for those who now wish to join ASISTA. Please use OVW10 as the "coupon code” when you are ready to pay. 

How do I request technical assistance?

To ask an individual case question or to seek agency case liaison assistance, please log in to your account here. After you log-in, select "Request Technical Assistance" from the drop down menu to submit your request. 

Policy Advocacy

ASISTA is a national leader on advocacy on behalf of immigrant survivors of crime and their families.

ASISTA is able to connect individual case problems and identify systemic trends and issues that require policy change.  We work at the intersection of the immigration advocacy and domestic violence/sexual assault survivor advocacy communities in order to ensure that immigrant survivors have access to their rights and protections afforded to them under the law.

Training Opportunities

Expanding skill sets for serving immigrant survivors

ASISTA provides a variety in-person and online training opportunities to attorneys and advocates who serve immigrant survivors of crime,including enhanced safety planning, basic and advanced topics on survivor-based forms of immigration benefits, policy and advocacy updates, litigation strategies, and more. 


To see our event calendar, click here.