ASISTA' s Virtual Training: "From RFE to Federal Court: Latest Strategies in Defending Survivors During the Time of COVID"

Recordings Now Available!

For those of you who missed our online training, "From RFE to Federal Court: Latest Strategies in Defending Survivors During the Time of COVID," the recordings are now available for purchase. The online training is composed of six separate sessions, repeated three times. We are selling all three recordings together.

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If you are not an ASISTA member you still can access our webinar recordings. Purchase any of our 2019 & 2020 webinar recordings to stay informed on the latest updates on legislation, policy, and practice.

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ASISTA membership includes FREE access to both our live webinars and prior webinar recordings. Check below for additional member benefits information and JOIN US TODAY!

2020 Webinars

  • 9/30: Hot Topics: Changes and Updates in Practice and Policy
  • 8/31: FOIA Requests with DHS in Survivor-Based Cases
  • 7/29: Caserounds: Your Questions on Survivor-Based Petitions
  • 4/23: Representing Immigrant Survivors During COVID-19
  • 3/31: Intermediate and Advanced Caserounds on VAWAs and U Visas
  • 1/28: Fee Waivers: Updates In Policy & Practice

2019 Webinars

  • 12/11: Hot Topics in U Visas: Stopping Survivor Removals
  • 11/13: Hot Topics in U Visas: Overcoming the Latest barriers to U Status
  • 10/22: Avoiding Pitfalls in T Visa Adjustment of Status Applications
  • 8/29: Late-Breaking Webinar After the new ICE Memo: Now how do we stop survivor removals?
  • 7/24: Representing Survivors in Removal: Procedural Challenges During and After Removal Proceedings - Part II
  • 6/26: Representing Survivors in Removal: Identifying and Presenting Applications for Relief (Part I)
  • 5/29: Open Case Rounds with Gail!
  • 4/30: Inadmissibility Part II: 212(a)(6) immigration violations, exceptions and waivers
  • 3/26: Inadmissibility Part I: Introduction to Inadmissibility in VAWA, U & T
  • 1/29: VAWA Inadmissibility & Adjustment Issues

ASISTA's Member Benefits Include:


    • Individual case questions, known as Technical Assistance (TA), on immigration benefits for survivors. From the basic to the complex, we can help with any VAWA, U or T visas question that comes up in the course of your work.
    • Individual case intervention (TA) with US Citizenship and Immigration Services and related agencies.
    • Free access to ASISTA live webinars and access to our prerecorded webinars and resources. To register for ASISTA member webinars, click HERE.
    • Discounted rates on ASISTA virtual/in person advanced trainings. To register for virtual/in person events, click HERE.
    • Access to ASISTA practice advisories
    • Access to our listservs with practitioners nationwide who are working on VAWA, U and T visa cases.
    • Supporting ASISTA's work advancing protections and rights of immigrant survivors of crime.

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Note to OVW Grantees: Our OVW funds ran out in July 2020, therefore we are no longer able to provide individual technical assistance, training and grantee-only chats. Any outstanding technical assistance request will be completed. 

We don't want to lose you, though! Please click here to access several options for continuing our relationship. We are offering a 10% discount for those who now wish to join ASISTA. Please use OVW10 as the "coupon code” when you are ready to pay. 

Individual Membership

  • 3L Law Students: Please email
  • Solo Practitioners: $300/yr

Non-Profit Membership

  • Non-profit with 0-3 attorneys: $250/yr
  • Non-profit with 4-10 attorneys: $375/yr
  • Non-profit with 11-20 attorneys: $500/yr
  • Non-profit with 21-35 attorneys: $750yr
  • Non-profit with 36+ attorneys: $1,000/yr
  • *May also include DOJ accredited representatives

Law Firm Membership

  • Firm with 2-5 attorneys: $550
  • Firm with 6-10 attorneys: $750
  • Firm with 11-15 attorneys: $1,250
  • Firm with 16-20 attorneys: $1,500
  • Firm with 21-35 attorneys: $2,500
  • Firm with 36+ attorneys: $5,000