Open Calls for Case Examples

Below is a list of open calls for case examples for issues that impact immigrant survivors of violence.

Call for Examples: VAWA/U/T Receipt Notice Issuance and Hotline Response Times
ASISTA and AILA have heard reports of delayed issuance of receipt notices for VAWA, U, and T-related filings, as well as slower VAWA/U/T hotline response times. We are collecting data and case examples to share with USCIS to support advocacy efforts.
ASISTA and AILA’s VAWA, Us, and Ts National Committee welcome recent examples of receipt notice issuance for any VAWA, U, or T-related filing where the receipt was received within 30-60 days of delivery of the petition, as well as those that were received after that timeframe or are still pending.
Additionally, we are collecting response time data for inquiries submitted to the VAWA/U/T email hotlines (,, and
Please complete either form below to submit your examples to AILA and ASISTA, which may then be shared with USCIS and the CIS Ombudsman.

Submit receipt notice issuance case examples here.
Submit hotline response times case examples here.

Please note that submitting a case example will not result in individual case liaison assistance from AILA or ASISTA. ASISTA members may reach out to ASISTA (at to request technical assistance. To report another trend to AILA’s VAWA/U/T Committee, contact the committee via

Call for Examples: VAWA/U/T Lost Submissions to USCIS and Missing RFE/NOID Notices 

ASISTA and the AILA VAWA/U/T Committee have heard reports that the VSC and NSC hotlines have indicated that a filing cannot be located, despite the practitioner having confirmation of delivery several months prior. We have also heard reports of denials due to failure to respond to an RFE or NOID, where the practitioner reported submitting a timely response to the RFE/NOID.

Relatedly, we have heard of case denials for failure to respond to an RFE/NOID, although the practitioner reports never receiving the RFE or NOID.

We are collecting examples of instances of these lost submissions to USCIS and of missing RFE/NOID notices sent by USCIS, from September 2023 to present.

Submit case examples of Missing Submissions to USCIS here.

Submit case examples of Missing Correspondence from USCIS here.