ASISTA's Vision, Mission & Core Values


Our Vision: Immigrants live in a just world free from violence.


Our Mission: Advance the dignity, rights, and liberty of immigrant survivors of violence. 


To do this we:

  • Provide individualized case consultation (aka “technical assistance) as well as ongoing expert training and resources to attorneys and advocates on the ground, to help their survivor clients’ cases succeed in court, 
  • Serve as a liaison with DHS, USCIS, ICE and others, and intervene with our government contacts as needed to stop survivors from being unfairly deported,
  • Mobilize against the harmful policies that endanger immigrant victims, advising advocates and attorneys on how to mitigate the harm done, and advance policies instead that promote safety and justice,
  • Equip attorneys and advocates with the most current best practices and strategies to address the latest developments affecting immigrant survivors, and
  • Develop and support litigation efforts to thwart government practices that unjustly deport victims.

ASISTA's Core Values


We believe in building innovative partnerships and working collectively to confront the systemic injustice harming immigrant survivors.


We understand the intersecting nature of multiple forms of identity and oppression, and we believe that our efforts can only succeed when they amplify a wide range of perspectives and voices.


We know that expertise enhanced by creativity and tenacity leads to meaningful change for survivors.


We promote transparency by engaging internally and externally with honesty, dignity, and respect for all.


Our work is rooted in our efforts to eradicate inequality and systems of oppression, including patriarchal and white supremacist structures.


We believe the movement to advance lasting success for immigrant survivors must comprise healthy organizations that value their employees and partners.


We hold the experience of immigrant survivors, their strength and their resilience at the core of all we do.