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Fighting Back USCIS Harmful New Proposed Fee Rule

By Admin | November 18, 2019

ASISTA stridently opposes the proposed fee rule published in the Federal Register yesterday as it further advances the Administration’s callous agenda to create significant barriers to equal access to immigration relief. The…

ASISTA Practice Pointer: Assessing whether to file a U Visa Petition for Victims at Risk of Removal (November 2019)

By Maria Lazzarino | November 15, 2019

This practice advisory provides practitioners a road map for assessing a U Visa petitioner’s potential risk of removal.  Copyright @2019 by ASISTA Immigration Assistance. All rights reserved. This product or…

Amicus Briefs filed at the 9th and the BIA on Sanchez-Sosa (July/November, 2019)

By Maria Lazzarino | November 12, 2019

Many thanks to fellow authors:  Nareeneh Sohbatian from Winston & Strawn LA, and Brigit Greeson Alvarez and Victoria Bonds (intern extraordinaire) from LAFLA. Click here for amicus filed at the…


Working at the nexus of immigration and domestic/sexual violence survivor advocacy communities, ASISTA is uniquely positioned to identify systemic problems and advocate for change.


ASISTA provides multiple training opportunities throughout the year through our interactive web-based formats as well as in-person events.  To find more about our trainings, please click here.

Case Assistance

ASISTA helps attorneys and advocates work through complex problems in VAWA self-petitions, U and T visas and other forms of immigration benefits for victims of crime, including case liaison assistance to address problems with the relevant agency.

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A BIG thank you for all your help. The quick response most certainly had to do with your intervention. Again, I truly appreciate all you have done.

“A HUGE thank you to ASISTA for helping my U Visa clients who have recently & FINALLY been placed on deferred action status. The cases had been pending since 2012 and after they refused to reopen the cases sua sponte, I sought ASISTA’s help and it was well worth it! Thank you!”

Gail's emails are POWERFUL! My client's EAD has arrived - and it's been granted for two years! Thank you all so very much for everything you do, it makes a huge difference! Thank you!!

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