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2024 Webinars

  • 3/27: Policy Updates and Immigrant Survivors
  • 2/26 Special Webinar: Alianza Nacional de Campesinas: Best Practices for Representing Immigrant survivors in the Farmworking Community
  • 1/25: Overcoming Roadblocks: Getting Your Survivor-Based Case Back on Track

2023 Webinars

  • 10/12: Categorically Speaking: How to Analyze an Immigrant Survivor’s Criminal Legal System Contacts
  • 7/19: Getting From There to Here: Navigating the Consular Process
  • 4/19: Policies in Practice: 2023 Review
  • 2/15: Inadmissibility Webinar Series: The Case that Never Ends: When Inadmissibly Strikes Again
  • 2/8 Specialized Webinar: New DHS Labor Protections & Immigrant Survivors
  • 1/18: Inadmissibility Webinar Series: Health-Related Grounds of Inadmissibility

2022 Webinars

  • 11/27: Inadmissibility Webinar Series: Misrepresentation & Smuggling
  • 10/6: Specialized Webinar: Representing LGBTQ+ Immigrant Survivors
  • 8/17: Inadmissibility Webinar Series: Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT): Impact on Immigrant Survivors
  • 8/2: Specialized Webinar: Navigating the Post-Roe Landscape: The Impact of the Dobbs Decision on Immigrant Survivors
  • 7/20: Inadmissibility Webinar Series: Unlawful Presence Bars & the USCIS Policy Change
  • 6/29: Specialized Webinar: Litigating Survivor-based Fee Waiver Denials
  • 5/18: U Visa Webinar Series: Adjustment of Status
  • 4/20: U Visa Webinar Series: Consular Processing
  • 2/16: U Visa Webinar Series: Waiver of Inadmissibility
  • 1/20: U Visa Webinar Series: Demonstrating Substantial Mental or Physical Abuse

2021 Webinars

  • 12/9: U Visa Webinar Series: Demonstrating Helpfulness (Beyond the Certification)
  • 11/18: U Visa Webinar Series: Qualifying Criminal Activity
  • 10/21: U Visa Webinar Series: The Definition of Victim
  • 8/27: Specialized Webinar: ACAT: A Trauma-Informed, Anti-Racist Approach to Legal Advocacy, presented by Lorilei Williams
  • 7/21: Litigation Updates: Implications for Survivor Representation
  • 6/15: Motions to Reopen in Immigration Court: Part III - VAWA MTR
  • 4/20: Motions to Reopen in Immigration Court: Part II - U & T MTR
  • 2/17: Motions to Reopen in Immigration Court: Part I
  • 1/26: Entries, Exits, Re-entries: Dealing with 212(a)(9) Inadmissibility Issues

2020 Webinars

  • 12/15: Caserounds: Your Questions on Survivor-based Petitions
  • 11/17: Post Election Update & the Impact on Immigration Protections for Survivors
  • 10/20: DVAM Webinar Special: A Closer Look at VAWA Relief
  • 9/30: Hot Topics: Changes and Updates in Practice and Policy
  • 8/31: FOIA Requests with DHS in Survivor-Based Cases
  • 7/29: Caserounds: Your Questions on Survivor-Based Petitions
  • 4/23: Representing Immigrant Survivors During COVID-19
  • 3/31: Intermediate and Advanced Caserounds on VAWAs and U Visas
  • 1/28: Fee Waivers: Updates In Policy & Practice

2019 Webinars

  • 12/11: Hot Topics in U Visas: Stopping Survivor Removals
  • 11/13: Hot Topics in U Visas: Overcoming the Latest barriers to U Status
  • 10/22: Avoiding Pitfalls in T Visa Adjustment of Status Applications
  • 8/29: Late-Breaking Webinar After the new ICE Memo: Now how do we stop survivor removals?
  • 7/24: Representing Survivors in Removal: Procedural Challenges During and After Removal Proceedings - Part II
  • 6/26: Representing Survivors in Removal: Identifying and Presenting Applications for Relief (Part I)
  • 5/29: Open Case Rounds with Gail!
  • 4/30: Inadmissibility Part II: 212(a)(6) immigration violations, exceptions and waivers
  • 3/26: Inadmissibility Part I: Introduction to Inadmissibility in VAWA, U & T
  • 1/29: VAWA Inadmissibility & Adjustment Issues