New ASISTA Policy Alert, Q&A on ICE Directive: Using a Victim-Centered Approach with Noncitizen Crime Victims (Current as of August 23, 2021)

On August 10, 2021, ICE issued a new agency directive superseding guidance from 2019 regarding stay of removal requests and removal proceedings involving U visa petitioners (hereinafter “Directive”). The Directive outlines new policies and procedures regarding exercising prosecutorial discretion for victims of crime, including those eligible for victim-based immigration relief (including VAWA self-petitions, U and T visas, and SIJS)  as well as victims and witnesses who are assisting in investigations or prosecutions.  It also outlines definitions of terms, the responsibilities of different components of ICE with regard to the implementation of these new policies, training requirements, and obligations regarding record keeping. 

ASISTA’s new Policy Alert provides an overview of the new directive and  identifies areas in which additional clarification or further advocacy may be required.