ASISTA Announces Successful Resolution of Albence Litigation

ASISTA is proud to report that our litigation against ICE has come to a successful resolution. The case was brought by Protect Democracy and the Constitutional Accountability Center on behalf of ASISTA and Sanctuary for Families. The litigation challenged the unlawful policy, established by then-acting director of ICE Matthew Albence, that made it easier to deport immigrant survivors of violence who 1) came forward to report crimes committed against them and 2) helped law enforcement in prosecuting those crimes. Albence, who was serving in violation of the Federal Vacancies Reform Act, had no authority to establish that harmful policy, which directly and indirectly resulted in an untold number of unfair deportations. 

Last month, ICE issued a new directive replacing the illegal Albence policy we were challenging.  Because this new directive restores the protections that were eliminated, the litigation was dismissed.

This is a win for immigrant survivors of violence. ASISTA is grateful to our partners and proud to persevere in the cause of justice and fairness for immigrant survivors.