We have heard from the VAWA Unit at the Vermont Service Center (VSC) that some stakeholders may be reaching out to the VAWA Unit Hotlines using an incorrect email address, (e.g. sending an email to hotlinefollowupi918i914.vsc@dhs.gov, which is the wrong domain). Even when you reach out to the dhs.gov email, you may still receive an auto-response that your message has been received even though technically it is an incorrect address. ASISTA has let VSC know about the confusion this may cause; however, in the interim, please double check that you are using the following email address for the Hotline to avoid delay.

The phone number for the VSC VAWA Hotline is: (802-527-4888) (for VAWA self-petition, U and T visa related inquiries).

The correct email addresses for the Hotlines at VSC are: 

The email address for the U visa Unit at the Nebraska Service Center (NSC) is:

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